What to do if my ID card certificates are revoked?

To ensure the security, the Estonian government has come to a decision to revoke the certificates of 760 000 ID cards as of the evening of 3 November. This will result in an inability to use e-services including logging into DigiDoc portal and signing the documents.

Smart-ID: how to start using?

Smart-ID is a new generation personal identification solution that allows users easily, conveniently and securely authenticate themselves in e-banking and other e-services.

Telia goes paperless with Dokobit

From now on, all documents of Telia business clients can be managed electronically. Telia is the first telecommunications company in Lithuania offering to sign agreements with qualified electronic signatures.

Free digital signatures in Iceland

From now on Icelanders will be able to sign all of their documents digitally for free with the Dokobit Portal. Individuals can register for free subscription and receive 5 digital signatures without any cost every month from www.dokobit.com.

New and updated DigiDoc portal

The DigiDoc portal, which offers e-signature services, has gone through a complete overhaul and its new and updated version offers a variety of new functions: ability to have a separate company account, document categories, and support of new document formats.