Dokobit introduces e-sealing as a service

Dokobit introduces e-sealing as a service in partnership with SK ID solutions, an international provider of e-identity solutions and a qualified trust service provider.

From now on, an API for document e-sealing using eIDAS compliant Advanced Electronic Seal is available for Dokobit customers. Qualified Certificates for electronic seals are provided by SK ID Solutions and can be issued to any legal person in the European Union.

E-Sealing Certificates are stored in cloud-based hardware security modules (HSM) which meets the requirements for Common Criteria (CC) (Standard EN 419 211, Protection Profiles for Secure Signature Creation and other related devices).

By choosing our e-Sealing as a Service solution, our customers won’t need any up-front investment for HSMs or other additional infrastructure on-premises and can start using solution right away.

Electronic seals are issued only to legal persons and can be used to ensure the origin and integrity of documents or data.

Besides, our e-sealing as a service transactions include qualified timestamps.

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