Smart-ID: how to start using?

Smart-ID is a new generation personal identification solution that allows users easily, conveniently and securely authenticate themselves in e-banking and other e-services.

It will take only a few seconds to register and the usage is extremely simple. So where to begin?

  1. Download Smart-ID app free of charge.
  2. After opening the app, click on Register.
  3. Choose your country.
  4. Choose the most relevant method to identify yourself. However, please pay attention that if you want to use Smart-ID not only in online banking but also in other services integrated into Smart-ID network, you should verify your identity in the app with ID card or Mobile ID. Follow the instructions in the app – depending on the chosen identification method you will be asked to enter your contacts, personal code and other information.
  5. After entering your data, create two PIN codes – you can create your own codes or choose for them to be generated automatically from random numbers. Remember these codes and don’t reveal them to others! PIN1 code is used to access your accounts to e-services, and PIN2 is needed to digitally sign documents or confirm other operations.
  6. Confirm your data and PIN codes.
  7. In a few seconds you will see information on your screen that your account is activated. You can start using Smart-ID right away.

By the way, Smart-ID app can be used on one or several smart phones or tablets – all you need to do is register Smart-ID account on each device.

This year, Smart-ID has been awarded the prestigious Service of the Year 2017 award by Lithuanian Industry Confederation. Currently, the solution in the Baltics is used by more than 1,500,000 people.

For more information about Smart-ID click here.