A must-do for e-Residents: e-signing with Dokobit

Taking care of your documents or even running a business online has never been so easy and has never had so many tools as today. With e-Residency anyone in the world can sign legally binding documents or establish an EU based company online. Borders are officially no longer an issue.

e-Residency is a digital identity available for anyone in the world that not only allows to start a global business online or become a digital resident attaining tons of benefits, but also gives access to e-services by international service providers that can be used by both legal and private persons. Dokobit is one of them.

Our e-signing portal allows to securely sign legally binding documents across Europe in just a few clicks from anywhere in the world. And if you have a company – to run it completely paperless! The process of signing documents will become faster and more convenient. So how can an e-resident truly benefit using Dokobit?

Speed. Digitally signing and sending documents, as well as collecting signatures from business partners or other parties worldwide saves time and speeds up typically long document printing-signing-sending processes.

Convenience. Signing documents from anywhere and any device is super convenient, don’t you think? All that’s needed is an internet connection and a smart device to manage the documents on the go.

Efficiency. Reducing operational costs such as printing and mailing, and increasing business process (as well as your personal) efficiency by faster document signing is an awesome thing you’ll get using Dokobit.

Cross-border. If you have an e-resident card, using Dokobit you will be able to sign documents from anywhere in the world with your business partners or other parties in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Belgium, and Finland. And the list of countries is constantly expanding!

Compliance. Dokobit supported e-signatures are equal to the hand-written ones in accordance with the EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS). This means that with a qualified e-signature (a.k.a. e-Residency card) signed documents will be legally binding in the entire European Union.

Security. Dokobit services and operations are compliant with and certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. Moreover, we have insured our liabilities on professional indemnity, privacy breach and cyber attacks for up to €1M. Everything for your information security!

Sounds tempting? Get started in seconds – you can try out Dokobit with 5 monthly signatures for free. If you personally or your business has bigger needs, you’ll always be able to choose one of our paid plans to increase your own or your company’s productivity.

For more details about Dokobit for e-residents click here.

If you need help to start using e-Residency card for signing, click here for the instructions.

Not yet familiar with e-Residency?

The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency – a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world. e-Residency enables secure and convenient digital services that facilitate credibility and trust online. e-Residents receive a smart ID card which provides the ability to use it for document signing, verification, encryption, and secure identification.

e-Residency allows to establish an EU based company online in a day, administer the company online from anywhere in the world, open a business current account and conduct secure e-banking, sign documents electronically, and declare Estonian taxes online.

Today, e-Residency has nearly 30,000 e-residents from 139 countries. The goal is to attract 10 million e-residents by 2025. Maybe you’ll be one of them?

Learn more about e-Residency here.