Certificates for qualified e-signatures are now issued remotely

It’s just become easier to receive a qualified electronic signature! Smart-ID has released a new user identification method that allows to get a tool for qualified e-signatures remotely!

This is especially great news for all Smart-ID users who still haven’t upgraded their accounts to the ones allowing to create qualified electronic signatures. From now on, they can upgrade their accounts remotely, using Smart-ID’s biometric registration method. Up until now Smart-ID Qualified Electronic Signature accounts could have been created only via a physical identification at a bank branch or via Mobile-ID or national identification card.

In order to use biometric identification, you have to have a previously used Smart-ID, a phone with a working camera and NFC support, and own a biometric passport or national ID card. If all of these requirements are met, biometric identification can be used. It consists of only seven simple steps and takes a few minutes. We’ve tried it ourselves – it really does! So how does it work? Using Smart-ID app on a smartphone, a user simply scans the chip of their ID document using the phone’s contactless reader; they then prove they are the holder of that document with a 3 second scan of their face that checks if they’re the right person, a real person, and is present at the moment of registration, thus protecting against fraud and criminal activity.

This new identification method is also good news for those who’ve been using Smart-ID from its very beginning, as the certificates are about to end. This means that it’ll be simpler for them to renew accounts with expired e-signature certificates.

Smart-ID was first introduced in 2017 and today it is being used by more than 2,6 million people in the Baltics.

With the new way of registration, it can be expected that the number of qualified e-signature users will increase because now every person in the Baltics who is of full legal age and has a phone can easily have a qualified e-signature for free and get it in a very convenient way!

For more information visit Smart-ID web.