New in Dokobit portal: 5 functionalities you’ll love

We’ve been working hard on making Dokobit portal cooler and we feel we’ve succeeded! We’re happy to present you the most recent updates on existing and new functionalities intended to improve usage experience. Read further to find out more – there are 5 new things to check out!

Accountless signing

We’ve made it easier to sign documents for the people you share those documents with. Wondering how? We’ve created an option to allow access a document without login or signup to a portal if a person doesn’t have an account at Dokobit yet.

You are able to decide this yourself. When uploading a document, in the document options section there’s a new checkbox “Allow signing documents without Dokobit account“. If you check it, signers will get an email invitation to sign the shared document and will be able to open that document and sign it right on their browser, without any login or registration to Dokobit portal. 

This allows to take your customers’ experience to the next level, so if you’re using Dokobit portal for collecting signatures from your customers, partners or other external parties, this is an amazing option which simplifies things for people you’re doing business with. Check out how awesome this looks!

Quicker login

You might have noticed this already, but your browser now remembers information from your last login and you don’t have to do it all over again! Now, remember how every time you opened Dokobit you used to have to enter your personal information at login, like providing your phone number, personal code or choosing a country your eID tool was been issued in. Never again!

Don’t worry, it’s still secure, it’s our priority and promise to you, it just means that your last used eID tool remains selected and if you’re about to log in with the same one, you will confirm you want to continue and need only to enter your (s)PIN code for authentication. So this still means that you have to have your mobile device and eID tool with you to be able to log in, but it allows you to eliminate excessive typing of the same information over and over again.

If you’re a heavy Dokobit user just like us, you should looooove this one just as much as we do!

Signature badges

Once you sign a PDF document, you are able to see the main signing information: when it was signed and by who. If before this kind of information was presented in a very plain way, we’ve recently made it more attractive visually and more comprehensive. Now, signature badges include signature level – whether the signature is advanced or qualified, signer’s name, signing time, and signature purpose.

We hope these new badges make signatures not only visually nicer but also more convenient as more of the important information about the signature itself is visible instantly, without having to open the document via Adobe Reader.


For a more convenient collection of signatures on time, we’ve released reminders. Even if you use deadlines, the reminders allow you to make sure everyone signs on time by giving you an additional option to manually prompt other parties about their pending signatures.

Whenever there is a pending signature, you will be able to simply click on a “Send a reminder” button to remind the signee you’re waiting for their signature. You will also be able to add a custom message if needed. Reminders can be sent whenever, no matter whether the set deadline has already passed or not.

Company user statistics

For those using Dokobit in teams, we’ve added the ability to see usage statistics of all company users – you can now see the number of documents created, signatures used and times logged into the Dokobit portal. This data is available both about each user separately and in total. You can also filter this data by date. The usage statistics can be found under Users tab in Company data section.

We believe usage statistics will allow you to keep better track of your team’s habits and service volumes, making it easier to plan what you actually need.

Stay tuned for more amazing stuff that’s still coming!