Dokobit is now available on a mobile app!

It’s finally here! We’ve just launched Dokobit mobile app for iOS, so from now on you will be able to sign and manage your documents on the go even more conveniently! Don’t worry, Android is on its way too.

Signing documents from your phone has never been so easy. Dokobit for Mobile allows you to sign legally binding documents with Mobile ID or Smart-ID, effortlessly share documents, collect signatures from others and track signing process anywhere, anytime.

Why use Dokobit for Mobile?  

Signing and approving on the go. You will be able to sign or approve documents right from your phone using Mobile ID or Smart-ID. With only a few clicks you will be able to read, sign and share the document whether you’re at work, on your way to a meeting or on vacation.

Instant progress tracking. You will get real-time updates and notifications on all the actions performed on your documents: when it was viewed, signed, etc.

All other Dokobit features. Mobile app has all the features that a portal does. You will be able to sort documents into categories, set user roles, use workflows, etc.

More intuitive user experience. Although Dokobit has always been mobile-friendly, mobile app provides an even better user experience with more intuitive user interface. You definitely won’t need any usage instructions, it’s as simple as ABC.

How does it work?

Just as in the portal, you will have to log in to your existing account or create a new one. You can do that using your Mobile ID or Smart-ID. Once you do that, you’re all set and can use the app as usual — you can upload new documents, manage existing ones, validate them, add comments, view audit trail and basically everything that you do on the portal. The only difference is that the user interface is even simpler and thus friendlier.

But the best thing is that you can do all of that on the go! Using Dokobit mobile app will allow you to speed up signing processes even more — as soon as your signature is needed, you’ll get a real-time notification on your mobile device and once logged in you’ll be able to sign the document. How cool is that? It is especially useful when stuck in the meetings, traffic jam or travelling.

So go mobile now, download Dokobit for Mobile on iOS!