Examples of e-signable documents within organisation

When considering switching from physical document signing processes to digital ones, businesses sometimes ask what kind of documents they could be signing electronically. Well, here’s an answer on how you can make use of e-signing documents to set up internal processes in your organisation. 

E-signing can come in handy in procurement, sales, legal, human resources, customer service, or basically any other department that deals with paperwork.


Paper processes hold back sales departments from closing deals faster, thus, reducing productivity and income. Putting an end to wasting time on chasing down physical signatures will allow you to build a productive salesforce mechanism by getting rid of what’s holding back on closing deals and focusing on results.

Within sales department you can sign:

  • proposals and bids
  • customer agreements
  • delivery orders 
  • sales receipts and invoices


Only procurement professionals can understand how vital it can be for the organisation not to sign contracts on time or face the challenge of recording and tracking purchase approvals — it can result in delay of crucial resources or even lawsuits followed by tons of stress. With e-signatures you will be able to cut procurement cycle times and reduce delays by collecting signatures on your purchasing documents faster and hassle-free.

Within procurement department you can sign:

  • NDAs with employees and suppliers
  • internal confirmations and agreements with other departments, suppliers, third parties
  • requests for proposal/quote/information
  • purchase agreements
  • orders and order confirmations

Human resources

Paperwork takes up a lot of HR professionals’ time because of long on-boarding processes and other administrative tasks. Accelerating the recruiting and on-boarding processes remotely and saving time on meetings dedicated to signing documents will allow you to have more time to devote to other HR tasks: finding new talent, taking care of employee motivation, organising internal events, etc.

Within HR department you can sign:

  • recruitment documents (offer letters, hire forms, NDAs, etc)
  • on-boarding documents (organisation policies, code of ethics, etc.)
  • employment documents (leave approvals, timesheets, claims, etc.)
  • exit/transition documents (exit forms, recommendation letters, etc.)


With ever-increasing pressures on time and constraints on spend, legal professionals are asked to deliver more for less, faster. Giving up paper and digitising legal processes will allow you to save expenses on paper, printing and mailing, as well as increase efficiency due to shortened document signing cycles.

Within legal department you can sign:

  • standard legal agreements (NDAs, partnership contracts, service agreements, etc.)
  • supplier agreements (procurement contracts, statements of work, vendor registrations, etc.)
  • internal operations (employment contracts, board consents, meeting minutes, etc.)

Customer service

Customers rarely, if ever, enjoy waiting and in competitive business environments they want matters resolved quickly. With e-signing you will ensure that paperwork doesn’t delay the workflow and will be able to save your customers the trouble of a long contract signing process resulting in convenience, instantly received service or product and thus improved overall user experience.

Within customer service department you can sign:

  • customer contracts
  • terms and policies
  • invoices 
  • returns
  • timesheets

Cross-department document signing

Some documents often travel through several departments in the organisation. For example, in order to review a customer contract, at least sales and legal departments are involved. Electronic processes here allow to simplify the processes – by going digital, you will be able to obtain needed approvals and signatures on the documents from individuals scattered throughout the organisation in a more organised manner. 

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