e-Signature calculator: check out how much you (could) save

Have you ever wondered how much you (could) save switching from regular to electronic document signing? Now you can calculate and compare your actual costs of both with our brand new e-signature cost-profit calculator!

Our specially created tool which you can find here allows you to calculate your savings when switching from regular hand-written to electronic signatures. All you need to do is enter your data in the fields provided and if needed edit cost assumptions according to your business costs in order to see how much you could benefit while using Dokobit.

The calculator allows you to specify your information in detail: the number of documents you sign by hand per month, the time you spend processing one document, the number of pages in a document and the numbers of copies, as well as the percentage of the documents you send by mail or courier. You’ll also be able to adjust paper, printing, postage costs, average hourly workforce rate and other measures that help to calculate your expenditure as accurate as possible according to your habits and needs.

The calculator will show your monthly and yearly savings if you switch from regular to electronic document signing, and you’ll be able to compare monthly costs of both ways.

With our calculator, you will see that signing documents electronically reduces operational costs. Plus, it eliminates the risk of duplicates, missing papers, and signatures. So start using Dokobit in seconds by registering and trying it out with 5 monthly signatures for free. For bigger needs, you can choose one of our paid plans with higher signature volumes and more features to increase your team’s productivity.