Which Dokobit portal plan to choose?

Been wondering and couldn’t decide which Dokobit plan is the best for you? Here’s a little help for you.

There are several types of plans that we offer. We’ve managed to sort them into plans for individuals and teams.

If you’re flying solo

Depending on your needs, you can choose from 2 plans — either get a free one or a professional one. Don’t worry — you can upgrade at anytime! So which one is right for you?

What can you do with a Free plan?

Free plan is forever free until you upgrade it. With it, you get 3 signatures and 3 signature validations per month, 100MB storage space. You can also use all the core features of the portal: sort documents into categories, perform actions in batches, see audit trail, add contacts into address book and sort them into contact categories.

If you sign only a few documents per month either for your personal or work purposes, this plan should be enough. You will be able to sign declarations and other documents with public institutions, take a loan at a bank or simply sign an employment agreement.

What can you do with a Professional plan? 

Professional plan allows you to sign and validate more documents and you get unlimited storage space. You get all the core features as well: document categories, batch actions, audit trail, deadlines and reminders, automatic notifications, address book and contact categories.

If you need to sign more than 3 documents but do not need to share them with your team members, this plan will be perfect for you. You’ll have your documents sorted and be able to simplify document signing and management processes. You will be able to sign various agreements with your business partners or clients, confirm invoices or sign your personal documents.

P.S. Both plans limit users to only one which means you cannot share document categories or set user roles as there’s only one user. In case you need these and more features, you’re probably working with a team, and we’ve got plans for you too! So keep reading!

If you’re a team player

Depending on your team size and specific features, you can choose from 2 plans: business or enterprise. What’s the difference between them?

What can you do with a Business plan? 

Business plan opens more possibilities to manage documents together with your team members. There is no user limit, so this means that all the people with Dokobit accounts, if connected to one company, can access the same data. Document storage in this plan is also unlimited. In addition to all the core features already mentioned above, you get to apply different roles for users, i.e., they can sign a document or can only view it; you can also create shared categories, set permissions based on categories (e.g., user rights to edit, share or delete documents assigned to categories), track incoming and outgoing document register, centralised billing and an ability to have your qualified e-seal certificate hosted in our secure cloud-based hardware security modules (HSM) which means you don’t need to have a physical device for an e-seal.

If you’re not the only one signing documents in your team and need others to review them or just want to collect all your documents in one place and give your teammates different access rights to different documents, this plan is for you. You will be able to not only sign any kind of documents from partnership agreements to vacation requests with others but also share them with your team, e.g., give direct access to signed vacation requests for your accounting.

What can you do with an Enterprise plan? 

Enterprise plan can offer you nearly anything you need. Its basics include Business plan features, however, all the signatures, validations, storage and user limits are set under agreement, based on your needs. With this plan, we can also offer you additional things like an ability to integrate portal API for automating actions in document signing portal into your information system; ability to send custom fillable documents; ability to provide branded document signing experience for your team and business partners; get custom reports on user activity, signed documents, etc. and get invoices for used services at the end of the month.

If you’ve got either a big team or just want some additional features not included in other plans, this one is perfect for you — we will take care of your needs and best experience.

You can check out all the features lined up in a table and compare the plans right here.

When you’re at it, you can also calculate your potential savings when switching from regular handwritten to electronic signatures, simply enter your data in the calculator and see how Dokobit can help you save on printing, postage and, most importantly, workforce!