Introducing a new solution for user identification and authentication

We’re glad to announce that we’ve just launched a brand new solution called Identity Gateway. It allows you to offer your customers various e-identification and e-authentication possibilities in one ready-made window, without having to integrate each eID tool by yourself.

How does it work?

It’s a full-featured application that can be embedded into your information system. You won’t need to build from scratch and integrate each e-identification tool separately as we’ve got a ready-to-use product. We’ve built it with that in mind, so you can take the load off your developers writing code, instead enabling them to focus on developing core functionality for your applications or systems.

It works two ways: you can integrate a redirectable or embeddable solution. The first one redirects users to our domain through which authentication is performed and then redirects those users back to your return URL. Meanwhile, the embeddable version allows you to embed the solution into your website without users having to leave your system to authenticate themselves. It can also be customised to enable multiple identity providers and styled to match your brand.

Identity Gateway supports all common customer authentication methods used in the Baltics, from Mobile ID and Smart-ID and in the future intends to support eIDAS notified eID schemes and banklinks.


How does it differ from a pure identification API?

It’s simply a ready-made solution with a full user interface: login window, language localisation, possibility of your branding and all the eID tools you need in one window.

Meanwhile, Identity API can offer you all the same functionalities but the main difference is that you need to develop each element and integrate each eID tool by yourself. In other words, you can build the functionality how you want but it’ll take more time since your developers will have to code.

More information about our identification solutions can be found here.