Your must-have toolkit for remote signing

Considering switching your paper processes to digital ones? Before you start signing documents remotely, you will need a few things. Here’s what you’ll definitely need for a smooth experience. 

1. Electronic signature

Having an electronic signature is the first step to start using it. And we’re not talking here about those electronic signatures that can be drawn manually on your device screen, as their security level is low.

Depending on a country you’re based in, there are several e-signature creation tools. The most common ones are listed below:

Mobile ID. It’s one of the most popular tools among businesses. You can get Mobile ID at your mobile operator’s store, you’ll instantly get a new SIM card with an e-signature certificate in it. It’s so popular because it’s always with you, you don’t need any additional devices for e-signature to work. 

Smart-ID. Smart-ID is an app that allows to create qualified electronic signatures. As it’s free and an account can be created remotely, its usage and popularity is constantly growing. Just like with Mobile ID, it’s convenient as all you need to have is your phone. Smart-ID app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store

National ID card or other smart card. Electronic signature certificate is often available in national ID cards or can be issued in specific smart cards, like public servant cards. These tools are often used by public institutions as required by work place. In order to be able to use e-signature with any of these tools, a special card reader is needed. P.S. if you’re gonna use this eID, you’ll need to prepare your computer by installing a browser extension and smart card drivers. You can do that right here

Don’t forget that e-signature certificates have an expiration date, so if you think you have an e-signature already, make sure that it’s still valid.

2. Signing solution

It is not enough to have an electronic signature, you will also need a platform where you’ll sign documents and collect signatures from others. The solution can be either ready-made, meaning that there is a final product you can start using right away, e.g., an online platform, or it can be integrable, meaning that you can integrate it right into your existing and already used systems, and make it a part of your in-house tools.

Most e-signature based solution providers offer both, so you can choose according to your needs. You can always start with a ready-made solution and then adapt to your needs once you set up your digital processes. 

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