TOP 10 reasons to choose e. signature over wet signature

There is no doubt anymore that electronic signature has become a standard. A standard of modernity, efficiency, simplicity of your life. Everyone using e. signature has probably gone through all of that and can confirm that their life did become easier.

We gathered 10 of the best and most satisfying benefits of e. signatures compared to regular hand-written ones. So here’s our TOP list.

1. Saving time. Switching from regular to electronic signature you can save tons of time. There will be no need to organise meetings, travel, get stuck in traffic jams when you need other party’s signature. And think how much time you can save if you need to sign a document with a foreigner. Besides, with e. signature your business processes speed up and do not stop just because you have to wait for someone’s signature.

2. More secure. Advanced and qualified electronic signatures are made so that each change is visible. This means that it is so much more difficult to forge the documents signed with an e. signature. Plus, no one will be able to copy or rewrite your e. signature.

3. Reducing costs. Using e. signature allows you to save costs on printing, traveling, sending documents via post or courier, as well as workforce necessary to prepare the documents, take care of printing, scanning, sending, etc. If you deal with a lot of documents, the difference is significant and you’ll see it instantly.

4. Saving paper. As e. documents are in a digital form, no printing of them is required. You’ll also save paper used for envelopes. Sparing paper sheets helps to save trees as well. Did you know that around 15 billion trees are cut down each year and only around 5 billion are replanted? Well, if everyone starts using less paper, fewer trees will be cut down.  

5. Can use on the go. Using e. signature you can sign documents on the go. Even when you’re on a business trip or vacation, you can sign documents wherever you are. Your colleagues or partners won’t have to wait for you to come back and you won’t have to cancel your plans just to sign a document.  

6. Saving space. If you stop using regular documents, think of all the space you’ll be able to save for paper archive. You’ll no longer have to stock all the paper documents in your office, you’ll be able to get rid of those boxes. You can use all this space for better things and you’ll never have to spend tons of time looking for the right documents if needed. 

7. No loss of documents. If signing documents with e. signature, you’ll be sure they won’t get lost in those storages. You’ll have all your documents on your computer so it’ll be easier to search for them and find them. You’ll also be assured that your signature is always on the document and you won’t miss signing it. 

 8. Being modern & tech-savvy. Today technology is everything so being tech-savvy is basically a standard. As technology makes our lives easier, it’s natural that more and more people are switching from old-school to modern ways of everyday things usage. And usually, when comparing pros and cons of the different ways, it becomes clear that being modern and tech-savvy pays off.

9. Universal usage. One of the additional great benefits of e. signatures is that it can be used not only for signing documents but for various other things too. With e. signatures you can log in to various e. service and self-service portals: e. banking, e. government and other public institutions services where you can provide requests, documents, declarations, etc. electronically.

10. More convenient. All of the above-mentioned points can be resumed into this last one. With e. signature you can perform various actions including singing documents wherever and whenever you want. You are no longer dependent on a place, time or other circumstances. We thought that today when everyone is in a hurry, has no time and is used to the simplicity, convenience is so important that it deserves a separate number on this list.