How can my company benefit from e-signing?

Taking care of business online has become a standard a while ago. Signing documents remotely is also finding a way in companies’ operations, especially now, when many have been working remotely for a few months.

If you’re still new at this, you might wonder – what does a remote processes have that the physical one doesn’t? Well, here’s a list of the main areas you can benefit from remote processes.

How will it improve processes in my organisation?

Saving time. Switching from regular to electronic signature can save you tons of time. There will be no need to organise meetings when you need other party’s signature. This might make even a bigger difference if your business is international and you’re signing documents with people from other countries. In addition, with e-signatures your business processes speed up and do not stop just because you have to wait for someone’s signature.

More secure. Advanced and qualified electronic signatures are made so that each change is visible. This means that it is so much more difficult to forge the documents signed with an e-signature. Plus, no one will be able to copy or rewrite your e-signature.

Reducing costs. Using e-signatures allows you to save costs on printing and postage, as well as workforce necessary to prepare the documents, take care of printing, scanning, sending, etc. If you deal with a lot of documents, the difference is significant and you’ll notice it instantly.

How will it improve processes for my customers or partners?

Improved customer experience. If you’re working with the customers who often have to sign any kind of documents in your physical office, then by offering them a remote signature collection possibility, you’ll improve an overall customer experience by saving their time and making a process convenient. They will no longer be dependent on a place, time or other circumstances. Today, when everyone is in a hurry and is used to the simplicity, convenience is becoming one of the key aspects in customer experience.

These are just a few proved benefits of going digital. Join hundreds of other companies like yours and enjoy countless advantages of e-signing. Check out our solutions here.