What to do if you missed application period for new eParaksts.lv solution?

From the beginning of 2018, Latvian eParaksts.lv users are migrated to a new e. signature technical platform. 29 December, 2017 is the last day when e. signature users can apply for a mobile app of the new solution, and the last day of current solution’s operation.

If a person is not able to apply for eSignature Mobile until 29 December, on 2 January in the new portal it will only be possible to sign documents using an eID card. What to do in case you have missed the application period?

First things first: how will migration work? 

From 2 January, 2018 about 40 000 Latvian e. signature users will start using a new technological platform where they will be able to sign documents by using the new mobile application eSignature Mobile.

In order to use the new platform, between 11-29 December, 2017 eSignature users and interested parties are able to apply for the mobile app by filling out the applicationThey, however, have to verify their identity in person whether by visiting the customer service centre or meeting Latvia’s National Radio and Televisions Center (LVRTC) courier unless they have an eID or eSignature card. In this case, application can be submitted online. One more thing – it is only possible to apply and receive eSignature Mobile while in Latvia.

If, however, a person is not able to apply for eSignature Mobile until 29 December, from the beginning of next year in the new portal it will only be possible to sign documents using an eID card. Also, according to LVRTC, for the first three months while the client migration and the technology transfer to the new system takes place, the site will operate with limited functionality.

Read more about the migration here.

So what are your other options?

In case your were not able to apply for the new solution, don’t panic! You have several other options to perform your daily operations. All you need is either your national identity card with e. signature certificate or a Smart-ID app.

With Smart-ID you will be able to log in to online banking (SEB, Swedbank, LHV) and some other services, as well as sign documents electronically depending on the level of the app you have.

There are two levels of the app: Smart-ID and Smart-ID Basic. The basic one at registration stage requires authentication via banklink and can be used in online banking only. Meanwhile, the more advanced level requires authentication with government issued ID card or it has to be applied for in SEB or Swedbank’s branches, and then it can be used in all e-services integrated within the Smart-ID network including signing documents.

Read more on why choose Smart-ID here.

For how to start using Smart-ID refer to our previous blog post with instructions here.

For more information about Smart-ID in general click here.

For electronic document signing you can use Dokobit. All you need to have is your ID card with e. signature certificate or the more advanced level of Smart-ID (the one you applied for with your eID card or in a bank branch).

It will only take a few seconds for you to register and start using Dokobit with 5 monthly signatures for free. If you have bigger needs for signature volumes or additional functionalities, you will be able to choose one of the paid plans to increase your productivity. Dokobit e. signing portal allows to securely sign legally binding documents across Europe in just a few clicks from anywhere in the world. Using the portal you will be able to sign documents with your business partners or other parties in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, Belgium, and Finland. And the list of countries is constantly expanding.

Moreover, you can use Dokobit as a multifunctional tool as well – with the paid plans you’ll be able to sort your documents into categories and smart filter them, perform batch actions in just one click, set document signing deadlines, comment, track documents’ lifecycle, and so much more. Read more about additional functionalities here.

Plus, Dokobit works perfectly on mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about missing the period for eSignature Mobile application.