5 reasons why now’s the best time to start signing documents electronically

For those who have not yet unlocked advantages of electronic signature, now is the best time for changes. While most work remotely, we invite everyone to try out document signing using electronic signature. Here are 5 reasons why now is the best time for that. 

  1. During the quarantine many of us are working remotely, from home, so it’s natural that we’re in a bigger need of tools to help us take care of business remotely. Documents are not an exception. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one facing these challenges, others have the same needs as well, so now there’s a bigger chance that signing documents electronically is also important for your clients or partners. This means that electronic document signing might be super advantageous for all the signing parties! 
  2. When signing documents remotely, you will avoid an unnecessary contact and save not only yourself but others too. This means that one electronic document can save at least 2 people. Now think if you or anyone else needs to sign 100 documents with different people! 
  3. If you haven’t used electronic signature before, now is a great time to get a qualified e-signature certificate remotely as well (only in Lithuania and Latvia). In addition, it means that e-signature is now available for everyone and therefore the base of users is expanding! How to get e-signature remotely, read here
  4. Up until April 30, e-signing of documents is free, whether you need to sign just one or a hundred documents. After registering on Dokobit portal, you will receive unlimited number of free signatures, so you will be able to use as many of them as you really need. Read more about this initiative here. We encourage everyone to #StayHome!
  5. In terms of time, you’ll be investing in future, because trying out the new things now, with no pressure on deadlines or other time limits, when it seems all of us have more time on our hands, will make it easier to efficiently use and make the best of the e-signing later on, when everything come backs to normal. 

Learn more about Dokobit and electronic document signing here.

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