Still using passwords? You’re at risk

You’ve just created one more account with a username and a password? Congrats, your life has just become even more accessible. Rapidly improving technologies are making passwords to become an ancient history. Just as it had happened to floppy discs. Remember them? Well, their time has passed but passwords are still being used.

Limited offer: Smart-ID API free of charge

With holiday season approaching, we have decided to start celebrating and giving presents earlier this year! So grab this opportunity now – choose Smart-ID API until the end of the year and use it free of charge for 3 months!

Why choose Smart-ID?

Ever wondered how to remember all those passwords to all e-services you are using? Bank code cards, self-service portals, other online services.. Well, there is a way to simplify your life and forget complicated user names and passwords – it’s Smart-ID.

Why you need Smart-ID in your e-services

Attracting more customers is the instant goal of nearly every business but how to do that is usually a question that requires more time and thinking. Well, stop searching – we suggest trying a quite simple solution – allow your customers to reach your services in an easiest, fastest and safest way with Smart-ID.

What to do if my ID card certificates are revoked?

To ensure the security, the Estonian government has come to a decision to revoke the certificates of 760 000 ID cards as of the evening of 3 November, 2017. This will result in an inability to use e-services including logging into DigiDoc portal and signing the documents.

Smart-ID: how to start using?

Smart-ID is a new generation personal identification solution that allows users easily, conveniently and securely authenticate themselves in e-banking and other e-services.

Telia goes paperless with Dokobit

From now on, all documents of Telia business clients can be managed electronically. Telia is the first telecommunications company in Lithuania offering to sign agreements with qualified electronic signatures.