We’re looking for superstars to join our team! Are you ready to shine?

2018 has just begun but we continue to grow at light speed. Want to work on the biggest e-signature platform in the Baltics, find a new crazy but super fun family, work hard and party harder? Then it might just be that you’ve found your dream job!

Today we are looking for a talented software engineer to join our team. If you’re a master of PHP, MySQL, Javascript but you’re tired of a mess, leave it behind and come develop awesome products with us. All the truth about the position we offer is here.

Want to learn more? Our other superstars are here for you.

Marius: “I’ve been working at Dokobit from the very beginning, 5 years already. I’m responsible for the invisible side of the product, related to e. signature, e.g., document formats, validation, etc. During this time we as a team have implemented so many things that we can be proud of, e.g., we were the first ones in Lithuania to adjust e. signing with ID card and USB to all internet browsers. Despite all the serious things we work on, we are still fun, and working at Dokobit for me means freedom. From my five-year experience I can tell that those joining our team will have all the possibilities to improve and gather knowledge, create non-existent in the market products and most importantly – be a part of what really helps people. What will you find here that you won’t be able to find in other places? Unique experience and possibilities to gain knowledge in a team where there’s always room for individual attention, learning, feedback, where good work and results are noticed instantly because hundreds of colleagues do not shade all of that.”

Žilvinas: “I’ve also been at Dokobit from its beginning and I’m responsible for product infrastructure and quality. Our biggest achievement for me is that in the whole Dokobit’s journey we took the right steps and turns, the majority of our initial decisions justified and they still do. A great proof – happy customers and rapidly growing team. Working at Dokobit is amazeballz. I think that everyone who has ever doubted to send us their CV lost a lot – good environment, great vibe, big potential to grow (yes, the majority talks about this, but we know that if you meet us and “live” with us a little, you’ll understand what we’re talking about and you’ll love it here!). Besides, we have our own Krillin in our team! Isn’t that awesome? You definitely won’t find another such anywhere else! :)”

So that’s how we roll. Have any additional questions? Poke us here. Already know what’s the right thing to do? Send your CV here.

We believe that everyone can be a superstar. Get your moment to shine with us!

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