We’re expanding our operations in Latvia

This has been a great year (and it’s not over yet!): we’ve continued growing and as a result we’re now expanding the scope of our operations in Latvia!

Serving our customers in all the Baltic states, we’ve decided it’s time to go bigger in Latvia. With that in mind, firstly, we’ve expanded our team with local representatives who will be ready to help with any questions: from sales to support, all in Latvian language.

In addition, to make it official, we’ve localised our website (www.dokobit.com/lv) and e-document signing portal (www.app.dokobit.com/lv) into Latvian so that it is easier and more convenient for those who prefer their local language. As a result, at the moment we fully support our website and portal in 5 languages in total: English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Icelandic.

With these improvements, pan-Baltic operations have become even easier and we expect that this expansion will help pan-Baltic businesses, as well as local companies perform their operations in a more convenient way whether they are working with the citizens, other businesses or public institutions.

In Latvia, citizens can sign documents in our document signing portal using Smart-ID and national ID cards.

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