New and updated DigiDoc portal

The DigiDoc portal, which offers e-signature services, has gone through a complete overhaul and its new and updated version offers a variety of new functions: ability to have a separate company account, document categories, and support of new document formats.

DigiDoc, which got a new user interface and new functions, now offers more possibilities for companies to make their work easier and faster. The update brings with it the option of having two separate accounts – one for personal use and one for company/business. This makes differentiating user roles easy and convenient. Another important function for companies operating in the Baltics is the possibility of cross-border signing – the DigiDoc portal now fully supports the Latvian and Lithuanian electronic document formats EDoc and ADoc.

Another new and convenient function is document categories, which allows to add documents to their categories and manage category access rights, i.e. share documents based on category access rights. Also, categories make organising of the documents easier than in previous version of DigiDoc portal.

DigiDoc’s new portal has also changed the free available space for document storage given to users. If until now, users had up to 10 MB of free space for saving documents, then now they have 100 MB of free document storage.

“Our long-term experience in Lithuania and other foreign countries, and our thorough analysis of user habits allows us to offer better functionality in the DigiDoc portal. By now, in less than 10 months, we have added many new possibilities and options, completely refreshed the user interface, and made it much more comfortable for both individuals and large organizations to use the portal. But the development work on the portal is definitely not finished yet. We are working with it every day to develop and introduce new and useful functions”, Business Development Director at Dokobit Gintas Balciunas said.

Starting from April 2016, the manager of the DigiDoc portal has been Dokobit.

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