#StayHome: the need for remote document signing increased 3 times

Almost 2 months of global lockdown has inevitably changed the regular behaviour of many, including the way they handle their documents.

We noticed that from the start of quarantine the number of daily e-signed documents has increased more than 3 times or 223%! Moreover, tens of thousands of people discovered electronic document signing for the first time. In 7 weeks the number of e-signing first-timers increased 3,5 times, compared to the same period before quarantine.

We are glad we could take our part in all of this as well by inviting people to use unlimited free signatures in Dokobit portal, encouraging those working from home or in need to sign personal documents remotely. A five-digit number of free signatures were used during this time!

The numbers are incredible and we believe this helped people to avoid unnecessary contact with others. So we just want to say thanks to each of you for signing documents remotely and protecting yourselves and those around you. Keep it up, #StayHome, stay safe!

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