Limited offer: Smart-ID API free of charge

With holiday season approaching, we have decided to start celebrating and giving presents earlier this year! So grab this opportunity now – choose Smart-ID API until the end of the year and use it free of charge for 3 months!

Smart-ID is a fast growing innovative solution for identifying users and providing legally valid digital signatures. Whether you have an e-service that requires logins for your clients or provide more complex services where users can sign documents electronically, Smart-ID is a great choice due to constantly increasing number of users and many more benefits for both you and your clients.

Smart-ID has already surpassed 500 000 unique users in the Baltics. In Estonia there are 105 000 Smart-ID users, meanwhile, in Latvia nearly 260 000 and in Lithuania 160 000 people have started using the authentication solution.

Integrating Smart-ID will attract more customers to your e-service with easy and secure access and show them how smart and innovative you are. Let your customers forget complicated usernames and passwords!

For more arguments why you need Smart-ID in your e-services read our previous blog post here.

Just drop us an e-mail to take your present. All you’ll need to do is to integrate Smart-ID API and we’ll cover the costs of Smart-ID transactions for 3 months!

The offer’s validity until the end of the year means that you have to contact us during this period expressing the will and intention to integrate Smart-ID API into your e-services. Integration can be implemented at the beginning of 2018. The countdown of free 3 months usage starts as soon as the integration is finished.

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