In 2017 together we saved 18 million paper sheets!

Using electronic documents is not only more convenient but it also does a good deed. This year, in 2017, everyone using Dokobit managed to spare around 18 million paper sheets saving 1125 trees!

18 million sheets, 720 000 quires, 36 000 reams, 18 000 bundles, 3 600 bales. Whichever measurement you choose to look at it, it’s still a lot! And this number only includes the final printable documents. But there’s usually even more printing of drafts and all the in between variants of documents. Not using those 18 million sheets allowed to save 1125 trees! Even though it’s a very tiny part of earth’s trees, it’s still something, isn’t it?

And did you know that there are around 3 trillion trees on Earth? That’s about 400 trees for every person. Around 15 billion trees are cut down each year and around 5 billion are replanted.

400 trees are able to fully stock one hectare of forest. However, officially a forest is a land area of more than 0.5 ha (if we count just the area not including other dimensions as canopy, etc.). So 200 trees per half a hectare is roughly already a forest. This means that our 1125 saved trees comprise around 6 forests.

We believe these numbers will inspire for an even bigger productivity without paper next year!

Thanks for being together. Let’s save even more forests in 2018!

Have a green and merry Christmas!

All the love, Dokobit team

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