Free digital signatures in Iceland

From now on Icelanders will be able to sign all of their documents digitally for free with the Dokobit Portal. Individuals can register for free subscription and receive 5 digital signatures without any cost every month from

Today, Dokobit is the only service provider in Iceland which complies with all requirements from the EU regulation No 910/2014 (eIDAS) for digital signature. Later this year, the regulation will be incorporated into national laws and will replace older legislation No 28/2001 for digital signatures.

In our digital world the transformation that all business will become paperless has been forecasted for a long time but legal requirements for signatures have until now made it impossible for some things to get completely rid of the paper. Digital signatures solve this issue in a way which makes it possible to save significant time and cost because of unnecessary handling with paper and transportation. The fact that Dokobit complies with all requirements from the eIDAS regulation is one of the main reasons why many international companies, banks and governments choose to use Dokobit to sign all of their documents digitally in accordance with Europe’s current requirements.

“Peoples’ time is much more valuable than driving between houses with paper because of legal requirements for signatures. If there is a more economical, safer and easier way available to sign documents faster then people should of course use it. Especially if its available to people for free with Dokobit’s free subscription and the system meets all requirements from the European regulation for the signatures security and implementation”, says Ólafur Páll Einarsson, Manager for Dokobit Iceland.

Today, Dokobit’s solutions have produced more than 280 million digital signatures.

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