Why choose Dokobit?

Dokobit, a platform of electronic documents signing, enables legal entities and individuals to legally sign documents online by electronic signature both in Lithuania and abroad.

“Today, the physical signature on a document is nothing than a waste of time: in order to sign a document one has to organise a meeting, get stuck in traffic jams or even use postal services and wait for signed documents to arrive for several weeks. Meanwhile, the business is guided by the principle that time is money, meaning that every minute is important. Dokobit enables to sign documents anywhere anytime not only in Lithuania but also on the international level”, says Gintas Balciunas, Head of Business Development at Dokobit.

According to G. Balciunas, in Europe there are not many solutions of this kind and the ones that are available, do not fulfill their potential to the fullest. Most of similar platforms allow to sign only one document format that is accepted only by public sector and companies operating in that country. Meanwhile, Dokobit allows to sign ADoc approved in Lithuania, DigiDoc approved in Estonia, and PDF approved in the European Union. It is expected to supplement the platform with other document formats available in different countries.

Dokobit is especially useful for the financial, insurance and health sectors where large amounts of documents are signed. The platform is currently operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, and Belgium.

Dokobit is based on cloud computing and is linked to Google Drive and Dropbox. The platform has functions such as document alignment with third parties, categorisation of documents, and the ability to integrate into business management systems already used by companies. The platform was developed in accordance with the Law on Electronic Signature of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union standards regulating the usage of electronic signature.

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