Breaking news: DigiDoc becomes Dokobit

Today is the day we say goodbye to our old look and name in Estonia — we’re releasing an updated brand identity with a new name, logo and colours. From now on, call us Dokobit.

With a brand new name and a brand new style, we’re the same great people with the same great service.

So why change, you ask?

Well, being DigiDoc we had to deal and compete with many other meanings of DigiDoc in Estonia. The name used to rise a lot of confusion as people would think of DigiDoc as an e-document in general. So the old name started to feel outdated looking back at how much we’ve grown since we started with only a mere document signing online. Today, we’re all grown up and we thought it was time to present you our true, already shaped identity. From now on we’re more colourful, we’re more easygoing, we’re more visible, we’re just simpler. We’re Dokobit, with a distinctive name for our distinctive character.

How did Dokobit come to mind? You might remember that almost a year ago we’ve improved our visual identity a bit by changing our website and portal. And together with that, we’ve announced that the portal manager changes its name to Dokobit. Well, to avoid confusion for people working and using the portal pan-Baltically, the time has come to unify the brand in all the operating countries. So starting today, in Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries we are known as Dokobit.

Our work principles, service quality, attention to our clients are not changing, we’re the same dedicated team of experienced people who love what they do and strive for the best to deliver the greatest quality and experiences for the customers. Thus, we hope you will like this new identity and rest assured that this rebrand will not affect the service and commitment that we have demonstrated thus far!

Your Dokobit

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