Big news: we’re releasing an updated brand identity

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! Not only the last day of spring and the last day before summer but also… the last day of our old look and name.

You got it right. Starting today, we’re changing. Today, after five years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity which includes a new name, logo and the entire style. From now on, call us Dokobit.

With a brand new name and a brand new style, we’re the same great people with the same great service.

So why change, you ask?

Well, being ISIGN we’ve dealt with a few different interpretations of our name. [i:sɪɡ’nə], [ɪ’sign], [i:sɪŋ] and similar. It might have been fun at first as it kind of correlated to our growth path and, let’s face it, it’s pretty common for people you’ve just met to forget or confuse your name. It’s normal. But another thing is that in fact, our name was more of a nickname that we just came up with at that time (seriously, just remember all your usernames from high-school. Horrible, right?)

Well, 5 years later, we’re all grown up and we thought it was time to present you our true, already shaped identity. From now on we’re not only easier pronounceable and more memorable, we’re more colourful, we’re more easygoing, we’re just simpler. We’re Dokobit.

P.S. The good news is that none of us use the service because of the name (or at least we hope so :/). We could call it anything we want but our work principles, service quality, attention to our clients would not change. We’re the same dedicated team of experienced people who love what they do and strive for the best to deliver the greatest quality and experiences for the customers.

So for you nothing really changes, it’s just us kind of getting a new profile picture and username for our Facebook profile.

We hope you will like this new identity and rest assured that this rebrand will not affect the service and commitment that we have demonstrated thus far!

Your Dokobit | Built to simplify, not complicate


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