A sneak peek to 2019

2018 was super exciting for us with the rebrand, new partnerships and hard work to introduce you new features. 2019 is not going to be different! Here’s a little sneak peek to what you can expect next year!

New features

Workflows. A new feature that allows creating a sequence of actions for every signing party to make sure the document signing process is smooth. For example, a certain person won’t be able to sign a document until it is signed or approved by another certain person if workflows are set this way.

Approvals. A new feature alongside signing and sealing that allows adding additional consent to the documents to make sure the content and other information is viewed and confirmed by the responsible person before signing the document. The validity of approvals is defined within your organisation and can be hidden from external parties.

New tools

Mobile apps. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are on their way! Signing documents from your phone or tablet will become even easier with all the main portal functions available on the app.

Self-service for API solutions. Ordering and managing new Dokobit services – whether it’s an API solution or Office365 add-in – will become available via a Self-Service portal online. Just log in, select a service, sign a contract and you’re all set to start using them right away.

New services

Identity Gateway. A new Customer Identity Management solution for e-service providers. It intends to support all common customer authentication methods used in the Baltics, from Mobile-ID and Smart-ID to eIDAS notified eID schemes and banklinks.

Branded signing. A new service that will allow you to collect e-signatures from your customers with your own fully branded signing page. It’s going to be faster and simpler than ever before, no additional steps or registration will be needed!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing year and cheers to an even better one!

Your Dokobit

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