We’ve updated our terms and policies. Check what’s new

Today is the day then GDPR comes into force and we’ve too updated our terms and policies. Read further to find out what’s new.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service define the general use of our services. It includes detailed information on service provision, pricing and payments, security and personal data, limitation of liability, intellectual property rights, and other related things. Check our new Terms of Service here.

Privacy Policy

We have put great effort into implementing privacy controls as part of our integral Information Security Management System to fully comply with the GDPR regulation. Our new Privacy Policy describes what information we collect and use about you and what information is shared with the third parties as protecting the privacy and integrity of your personal data is our top priority.

In the Policy document, you will find a list of information we may collect from you, rules of disclosing your information, details on information security, retention policy, data processor, use of cookies, and your rights under the GDPR. Read more here.

Data Processing Agreement

Together with our partners — electronic identification providers — we’ve been preparing corresponding data processing agreements to make sure every single part related to our services coming not only from us but our partners as well are 100% compliant with the GDPR.

We have also prepared a Data Processing Agreement which is being applied for the provision of our services. Read all the detailed information about data processing scope, purpose, our obligations, liability, and all other related things in the Data Processing Agreement here.

Acceptable Use Policy

To avoid misuse and enhance the security of the service we have specified approved usage of our services. The updated acceptable use policy includes service disruption, service misuse, and violation of the use. Make sure to read it before you use our services to be on the same page as we are. Find the use policy here.

As you can see, we’re truly committed to protecting your personal data. And while complying to the GDPR, we give you a full control over your data and provide a user-friendly way to do it.

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