Validity of electronically signed documents: will they stay legal forever?

Electronically signed documents, just like physical ones, need to be taken care of. Although the concept of care in both cases differs, with e-signed documents one of the most important things is their validity span. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about making sure your signed documents remain valid in the long term.

New in Dokobit portal: 5 functionalities you’ll love

We’ve been working hard on making Dokobit portal cooler and we feel we’ve succeeded! We’re happy to present you the most recent updates on existing and new functionalities intended to improve usage experience. Read further to find out more – there are 5 new things to check out!

4+ real examples how organisations use electronic seals

E-sealing being a rather new topic and practice among businesses, still raises quite a lot of questions. We’ve noticed that there’s not that much you can find on the internet about it, let alone identify real use cases that would actually be useful in helping to make a decision.