Dokobit is now available on a mobile app!

It’s finally here! We’ve just launched Dokobit mobile app for iOS, so from now on you will be able to sign and manage your documents on the go even more conveniently! Don’t worry, Android is on its way too.

Breaking news: DigiDoc becomes Dokobit

Today is the day we say goodbye to our old look and name in Estonia — we’re releasing an updated brand identity with a new name, logo and colours. From now on, call us Dokobit.

Your document signing cycle has just become simpler

It’s a common practice in various kinds of business for documents to be double-checked and approved by the responsible people before they are signed. But sometimes it happens that this step is somehow missed and may cause unwanted issues.

A sneak peek to 2019

2018 was super exciting for us with the rebrand, new partnerships and hard work to introduce you new features. 2019 is not going to be different! Here’s a little sneak peek to what you can expect next year!